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When you submit your home to, you don't just get an offer from one buyer. You get multiple offers from home-buyers in your area. And you can have them contact you by email or phone, whichever you prefer. All the information you submit will only be visible to a select group of paying members at who are actively seeking to buy homes. Make buyers compete and you win!


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Submit your information and get multiple cash offers fast. is the largest group of Central Texas investors who specialize in buying properties quickly. Because of our vast network of buyers, you can expect to receive multiple offers on your home, sometimes in as fast as a matter of hours.

Our goal is two-fold. First, we want those that list their houses on our site to get the offer and sales price they need and as fast as possible. This way, no matter the reason for the sale, they can move on quickly with the money they need. With multiple offers competing against each other for your home, you increase your chances of getting the price you need.

Our second goal is to provide our investors a steady stream of properties for sale. These are people who make their living buying houses in Austin and San Antonio everyday from homeowners like you. Without properties like yours, they would be out of business in a hurry.

You should also know that there is no risk to you for using our service. We do not charge sellers a fee to list their homes. Any information that you choose to include in your listing will only be seen by our experienced buyers. While this may sound like it limits your exposure, it actually places your house in front of the most active and qualified buyers in the market.

The way our site works is you will submit information about your home. You will include details such as the asking price, the estimated property value, any repairs that the property may need. You can also include photos if you have them. Remember the more information you submit, the more likely you are to catch the interest of our investors. After submitting your listing you will be contacted by our buyers by phone or email asking for more information. This sometimes happens in a matter of hours.

You will deal directly with our buyers. This is good for you because there are no fees involved and no real estate broker commission that would normally come out of your proceeds from the sale. Our investors are anxious to buy your house and it’s not unusual for them to close a deal within days or weeks of learning about your home. You should know that you are dealing with investors who can close a transaction quickly, most times with cash.

We are very confident that you will be able to find the right buyer for your home from among our investors. But if for any reason that’s not the case, or you simply don’t get the offer price you wanted, there’s no obligation on your part. We just appreciate you trying it out.

There are hundreds of Central Texas investors waiting to check out your home. All you need to do to get started is complete the form above. Try it today!