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When you submit your home to, you don't just get an offer from one buyer. You get multiple offers from home-buyers in your area. And you can have them contact you by email or phone, whichever you prefer. All the information you submit will only be visible to a select group of paying members at who are actively seeking to buy homes. Make buyers compete and you win!


Tell Us About Your House To Stop Foreclosure in Pittsburgh

Our investors buy homes for cash and help homeowners like you avoid foreclosure

If you are in the unfortunate position of being behind on your mortgage and facing foreclosure, you are not alone. Thousands of homeowners in Greater Pittsburgh alone are going through the same thing you are. If you are like most, your situation has nothing to do with being irresponsible or buying more house than you could afford. You are most likely going through a job loss because of the tough economy. But you should know that if all else fails, there is help available. Members of our site are investors who help folks like you avoid foreclosure and bankruptcy every day.

The foreclosure process can take several months from start to finish. But if you’ve made every effort to work out a new payment plan and nothing seems to be working, it might be time to cut your losses. Rather than wait for the bank to take action you need to try to find a willing buyer for your home before they do.

The best way to do this is to tell us about your home. At we have a network of hundreds of experienced home buyers in the Pittsburgh area that would be interested in learning more about your home and possibly making an offer. Because we have so many buyers, it’s likely that you’ll receive multiple offers.

Once you take the time to tell us about your home, our buyers will see your information. Then it is only a matter of time before they begin getting in touch with you to learn more about your property. You’ll save a lot of time over trying to sell your home yourself because our buyers move quickly. In many cases deals are closed within weeks of being listed.

We know that money is important to you and that every penny counts these days. Because of this, we don’t charge you anything to list your home on Even if you do find a buyer among our investors, you won’t pay us anything. You’ll be dealing directly with our investors so there are also no real estate commissions to be paid.

You can see how this process will save you both time and money, leading to much less stress for you. Most importantly, you have a good chance of avoiding foreclosure and bankruptcy. You’ll be able to move on with your life without a black cloud hanging over you (and your credit) wherever you go.

The sooner you tell us about your home, the sooner we pass that information on to our investor buyers. From then it’s just a matter of time before you can be free of this problem you find yourself in. Don’t wait. Tell us about your house today by filling out the quick form above.