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Foreclosures are becoming more common these days, not just in Indianapolis but everywhere. Unfortunately, if you are reading this, it has likely affected you as well. Maybe you lost your job because of the bad economy, or a medical condition is keeping you from working. In any case, things are tough for you, and with foreclosure staring you in the face it looks like it can only get worse. Be glad that you found this site because we can help.

The foreclosure process is the perfect example of the snowball effect. One thing seems to lead to another. You lose your paycheck; you miss your first payment, then the next, and the next. Meanwhile the calls and letters are coming in. At this point no matter how hard you try to get current you are swimming against a strong tide. You need help fast.

Now, many people will drag this process out and let the bank slowly take back the home and they will file bankruptcy thinking this is the way everything has to happen in this case. Well, it’s not. There is a better way to handle it.

Assuming you’ve tried everything you can do to make better payment arrangements with the bank and nothing is working and it’s clear you are going to lose your home one way or another, now’s the time to tell us about your home. We have a network of hundreds of investors who buy houses from homeowners in situations similar to yours every day.

In many cases you’ll have some of our investors calling or emailing you within hours trying to learn more about your Metropolitan Indianapolis Area property. If you happen to get an offer that you accept, it is often just a matter of a few weeks before the sale can close. This is much quicker than a traditional real estate sale.

You won’t have to worry about having to pay a real estate commission out of your proceeds from the sale. You’ll be dealing directly with our members, so no middlemen have their hands in the mix. Plus, listing your homes details for our buyers to see won’t cost you a penny.

All of this combines to help you avoid foreclosure and bankruptcy, and lets you move on with your dignity and credit still intact. And because we have so many buyers who will see your homes details, you might even come out a little bit ahead if you get some competing offers on your home. It could work out pretty well for you.

But there’s really only one way to tell. Let us know about your home today by filling out the form above. It won’t be long before you start receiving calls from our interested buyers and are able to put a stop to your foreclosure. Try it today!