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You have no time to waste when foreclosure is looming. It is very important that you act as soon as possible to change your situation. Sometimes it is easier to admit defeat and do nothing to get yourself out of the trouble you find yourself in. After all, you have fought so hard to keep you home and nothing you did seems to have worked. But wait! There is a solution! What seems like the irreversible reality may be about to change. We can help you!

If you are certain that your house will go into foreclosure and there is no way for you to catch up on your payments, you should think about selling the house before it is repossessed.

We are a large network of Boston real estate investors looking to buy houses everyday. Our investors know that this is a difficult situation for you and your family, and they will work to find the best solution for it. Most of our investors are used to offering cash for houses and are looking to close quickly. Others can bring your payments current and even give you equity back out of your home. Even if the house has no equity, we still have options for you.

Our investors specialize in negotiating with homeowners trying to avoid foreclosure like you, and are ready to talk to you about sales options. Because it is important that you sell before the house goes into foreclosure, we want to assure you that our investors will work quickly. They've bought houses in days, sometimes hours after they were informed of the sale.

It is important to our investors that you are satisfied with your choice to sell. They will take the time to talk to you and fully understand the circumstances that have brought you to sell your house and come up with the most effective plan to change the situation. They will not try to take advantage of your misfortune. We believe that everyone wins when a solution is beneficial to all of us.

If your payments are more than a month behind, it is likely that your lender has already started foreclosure proceedings. With time, thousands of dollars in penalties and legal fees can be added to the balance you owe, and interest accumulates with each passing day! Don't let yourself be dragged down with fees and more debt. Act now!

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