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When you submit your home to, you don't just get an offer from one buyer. You get multiple offers from home-buyers in your area. And you can have them contact you by email or phone, whichever you prefer. All the information you submit will only be visible to a select group of paying members at who are actively seeking to buy homes. Make buyers compete and you win!


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Who should fill out this form?

If you are trying to sell your house quickly, this form is for you. Once you complete the form, we will let our Boston investors know about your house for sale and they will contact with an offer within days, sometimes hours.

We understand that you need to sell your house quickly, and we like to purchase homes at fast speed. If you are unemployed, finalizing a divorce, struggling with health problems, facing foreclosure or bankruptcy, or simply have a house you no longer want, we can help you sell quickly.

What type of houses do you buy?

We buy all types of houses - pretty or ugly, old or new, big or small.

Who are you?

We are a big network of investors that specializes in buying houses just like yours. We are always looking to buy houses in the Bay area, and if you are looking to sell your home, we will find a buyer quickly. Because investing in properties is what we do best, we are used to bidding on and buying houses everyday. We have hundreds of investors looking for a property like yours.

What happens after I fill out this form?

Take the time to fill out the short form above and tell us a little bit about your house, why you are selling and how to contact you. Once you complete that step, we will inform our investors immediately that you are interested in selling and they will call you with their best offer.

What type of offers should I expect?

You should expect to receive multiple offers from different investors. Since we are an extensive network, more investors will have access to your property and more offers will come to you. This translates into more options for you to choose from. The majority of our investors are used to offering cash for houses among other creative alternatives. They will look at your particular situation and come up with the best solution.

How do I benefit from selling to you?

Even though you are trying to avoid foreclosure or going through a difficult time and need to sell your house as soon as possible, we want to make sure the decision to sell is satisfactory. That is why our investors will take their time to talk to you and come up with the best solution for your situation.

Our goal is not to buy your property at the lowest price. Instead, we want to make sure you benefit from the sale; and if it can be profitable for everyone, we will be even happier.

What are your fees?

NONE. The best thing about selling your house to one of our investors is that you will not need to pay any listing costs or broker's fees. You won't have to go through the hassle of listing your home with a realtor and showing it to countless buyers who are never ready to close. After you fill the form, you will be talking directly to a Boston home investor that has done this many times before and will make the process as smooth and swift as possible.

What's the catch?

Humm... I can't think of any. It is as simple as it sounds. You need to sell your house; we want to buy your house. Buying is what we do for a living and if it benefits everyone, that's even better. Go ahead a fill out the form above and get started. There is no risk, no obligation and no hassle. Simple as 1, 2, 3...